Expertise in Casing and Tubular Running Services

Express Energy Services is the industry’s leading choice for casing and tubular running services in North America’s unconventional plays. Because we’ve built our operations around providing safe and reliable services, our customers can depend on our expertise and local basin knowledge.

The investment in our people and safety programs are unmatched. We provide training to our people from the date of hire that extends throughout employment with refresher courses. It’s part of what makes Express stand out from the rest.

Because of our commitment to a safe, well-trained workforce, Express is the only casing services provider with detailed statistics that has run more than 60 million feet of pipe with our Casing Running Tools (CRT) without a dropped string.

Our commitment to safety along with outstanding equipment and experienced personnel is what makes Express an industry leader.

We offer a wide range of casing and tubular running services using the highest quality casing service tools in the industry.

Casing and Laydown Services

We offer unmatched automated and conventional casing running and tubular running services. Mounted to the top drive, our diverse fleet of automated casing running tools allows for internal or external casing engagement. Engaging the pipe is fast and with full load capacity allowing our casing running tools to hoist and rotate casing simultaneously. The result is an industry-leading pipe handling system offering superior running efficiency and safety on any horizontal or vertical well. With a full suite of conventional casing assets, Express offers unrivalled casing expertise for our customers.

Our laydown equipment and services save rig time and provide a safe way of handling pipe on a drilling or workover rig. When handling casing, tubing or drill pipe, considerable time and safety risks are associated with the operation. With the use of Express’ laydown services both of these issues are minimized. We have the equipment, personnel and experience to increase our customers’ drilling and workover efficiency.

Laydown and Little Tripper™ Automated Catwalk Services

Casing ServicesThis service offered by Express Energy reduces rig time and provides the capability to handle most tubular sizes and eliminate pipe and thread damage.


Casing Running Tool
Express Energy’s industry-leading pipe handling system offering superior running efficiency as the pipe can be rotated, reciprocated and circulation can be maintained during the running process.


Mud Tool
Express Energy’s mud tool is designed to allow fill up, circulate or flowback during normal running of tubulars.


Torque Turn Services
Express Energy prevents make-up failures, leaks and restrictions by ensuring recommended torque at your drill site through the advanced technology of the torque turn system. With this service our customers have the assurance of proper connection make up.


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