Your Source for Well Construction Services for Complex Horizontal Wells

Express Energy Services’ well construction division is the premier provider and market leader in the United States unconventional plays in casing and tubular running services. Quite simply, we are the best in the business.

oil and gas casing servicesWe’ve built our operations around providing safe and high quality services and that is why we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our United States basin-specific knowledge for casing and tubular running services, conductor drilling services and rentals and pressure testing have positioned Express as an experienced well construction services provider that understands how to mitigate risk while increasing production, resulting in saving time and money for our customers. Because of this, our customers rely on our extensive local basin expertise to replicate success.

Our suite of well construction services, supported by a world-class safety program, sets us apart from competitors. This, along with our well trained personnel, has established Express as an unconventional resources leader in North America.

Learn more about Express’ well construction service offerings:

Casing and Tubular Running Services: Express Energy Services offers a wide range of casing and tubular running services using the highest quality casing service tools in the industry. Learn about our casing and tubular running services. MORE

Conductor Drilling Services:  Our conductor drilling services provide an operationally efficient means to prepare drill sites for the placement of a drilling rig. Learn about our conductor drilling services. MORE

Rentals and Pressure Testing: Express Energy Services offers industry leading rentals and pressure testing services for your drilling support needs. Learn about our rentals and pressure testing servicesMORE