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Logo Overview

Our signature is the simplest, most immediate and most recognizable representation of our brand. It builds upon our commitment, while communicating with a confident, enveloping and renewed energy that represents our services. The all-encompasing ellipses and bold logotype speak with an honest, respectful and direct language that embodies our core positioning.


Logo Color Variations

Use the Express signature as the primary brand expression with our employees, customers and community constituencies. Consistent use of the Express signature will help build visibility and recognition for the company and will set Express apart from competitors. The integrity of the signature must be respected at all times. Do not stretch, condense or otherwise abstract it. Any modification of the signature confuses its meaning and diminishes its impact.


Signature Clear Space

The Express signature is one of the company’s most precious assets. Always position it for maximum impact and give it plenty of room to “breathe.” This will ensure the signature’s presence and legibility. Clear space frames the signature, separating it from other elements such as headlines, text, imagery and the outside edges of printed materials.


Signature Do Nots

  • DO NOT stretch the signature
  • DO NOT create a “speed” version of the signature.
  • DO NOT change the typeface of the signature.
  • DO NOT alter the color of the signature.
  • DO NOT alter the symbol in any way.
  • DO NOT scale or alter the position of the symbol.
  • DO NOT alter the descriptor type.Express ENERGY SERVICES
  • DO NOT rotate the signature.
  • DO NOT use the symbol alone.
  • DO NOT place the signature on a busy background
  • DO NOT use the color signature on a color background. Use reversed signature.
  • DO NOT add an outline around the signature.


Signature Color Palette

“Express Blue” is the primary color expression for Express audiences. A secondary tier of Express Dark Blue and Express Gray may be used as alternative background colors to Express Blue, primarily for promotional or other secondary applications. White should predominantly be used for typography on primary and secondary colored backgrounds. The tertiary tier of accent colors should be used in a very limited manner, primarily to delineate navigation or to highlight primary typographical messages in communications.

NOTE: The tertiary colors should be applied in a very LIMITED MANNER and should not be applied as large fields of color.


PNG Express Color Logo

PNG Express BW Logo