Left Undone: What Would You Change?

Left Undone H2S Safety Movie

This is the groundbreaking short movie produced by Express Energy Services to spotlight the hazards of H2S.

Safety Points

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Express Offers a New Level of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Commitment

Express Energy Services is dedicated to exceeding expectations is everything we do. Providing quality services to our clients while protecting our people and the environment is a key part of our core values. Our companywide commitment is in the best interest of our employees, customers and all the oil and gas providers on the jobsites we service.

Express SafetyQuality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHS&E) efforts are the responsibility of all employees within the organization. Top management provides leadership and assumes responsibility for the overall QHS&E management system, including implementation, maintenance and monitoring performance.  Express Energy Services has set the following QHS&E objectives:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing trained personnel and quality equipment that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Challenge ourselves to improve to guarantee quality services, prevent QHS&E incidents and eliminate customer downtime.
  • Promote participation and QHS&E awareness among all employees and third parties through standards, education, training, and effective communication.
  • Protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and the general public.
  • Protect the environment and communities where we work and live through pollution prevention, waste minimization and wise use of natural resources.
  • Educate our employees, customers, contractors and business partners on the safe and environmentally responsible use of our services.
  • Recognize outstanding QHS&E performance by our employees.
  • Identify and set targets for continuous improvement within the QHS&E Management System, based upon system reviews.
  • Provide employees a platform for participating in various aspects of the QHS&E Management System.

We are committed to integrating QHS&E objectives into all our processes – at all levels. Our QHS&E commitment goes beyond the basic obligation to comply with all applicable laws and regulations where we operate. We believe our commitment to this extended QHS&E policy is critical to business success because it reduces risks and adds value to our services. Our QHS&E system focus on safety, communication and efficiency at every job site.

Safety:  Our comprehensive service package offers the Express standard of service quality, which includes an emphasis on safe operations, employee development, and consistency that is unparalleled in the industry. From training to pre-work processes, Express’ safety efforts are setting a new standard in safe operations.

Communication: Our services offer enhanced communication at each stage of a project. Additionally, we provide one point of contact to minimize operational downtime.

Efficiency: Working in unison allows the full portfolio of Express Energy services to simplify logistical challenges, enhance coordination between each service line, and reduce standby time on your job site.